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Social Distancing: Breath and Get Moving

During this stressful times we need to make time to strengthen our bodies and mind. Make an area of your home a distress zone and get started to a more zen You.

As the country is practicing social distancing in an effort to fight the Coronavirus pandemic, it is important to keep our bodies and mind strong. Create a personal retreat in your home by clearing a space where you can place a mat or towel to practice some breathing techniques, stretching and maybe yoga. Doing so will help you distress and feel energized.

My very good friend Lisa Jimenez, yoga instructor and owner of Look Inside Yoga, suggests that the first thing you do when you get out of bed should be to take some really deep breaths. Her technique is simple, place a hand on your tummy and take a deep breath through your nose while concentrating on filling in your diaphragm and gently exhaling through your mouth. This has become a habit for me and I feel like it helps me to start the day on a positive note.

Lisa is a firm believer in doing yoga daily to improve your sleep, flexibility, posture, diminish stress and your overall well-being. The best part is that the only equipment needed is a mat, your body will provide you with enough resistance.

My personal experience has been a very positive one and I try to do at least 30 minutes of yoga at least every other day. Now that we are staying at home I do at least a 30 minutes daily routine. At first I felt a bit like my own body got on the way but as I continued things are easier and my flexibility has improved.

Get moving, improve your concentration and breathe like a master! The easiest way is to grab an app to help you get started. There are different phone apps available that can guide you through a beginners routine to more advanced techniques and exercises. Here are three of my favorites:

Pocket Yoga

This app downloads everything directly to your phone eliminating the need for a network connection so you can take it with you wherever you take your phone - for me, this means mostly everywhere! Pocket Yoga comes with a dictionary to help you navigate the yoga lingo.

Daily Yoga

Focusing on fitness and muscle toning this app will help you burn excess fat and get you to look very trim. Even if your body doesn't cooperate, the explanations are very clear and you can take the time to work on the posses and exercises overtime.

Simply Yoga

This is a good app to start if you have never done yoga before and you feel like this is a little intimidating. The app offers a number of timed workouts suitable for beginners as it eases you into the different positions.


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