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Hello, I am Karen.

I am a firm believer that life has to be lived with passion for the things you love and enjoy.  Life is constant, ever changing and it brings us learning opportunities to rebuild and grow at every turn.  

Born in El Salvador into a family where the women ruled the roost, I was raised to believe in myself and always do what makes you happy.  In my family home, the kitchen was the heart of the the home.  A place where stories where shared and love was poured into every dish being prepared.  My passion for cooking started here where I was surrounded by love and the tantalizing smell of homemade delights.


At age 16, I moved to Los Angeles, CA to live with my dear aunt Josefina and her husband, German born, uncle Georg.  The sociopolitical climate in El Salvador impeded much freedoms and I felt the need to find a new place where I could expand my education safely and freely.  I quickly became enamored with the city with all the available options and made it my new home. 


After a failed first marriage, I met the love of my life while working together.  A phenomenal dermatologist, Dr. William Schweitzer and I became inseparable from very early on and we continue to spend most of our time together.  We have two wonderful children from previous marriages who make us very proud parents and three dogs who keep us busy.  After my husband retired from a busy cosmetic dermatology practice, we have moved to our forever home in the gorgeous Texas Hill Country.  We now enjoy more time to travel and just go and explore.  

My passion for writing has led me to be a contributing editor for Modeliste Magazine.  I'm privileged to feature places I've traveled to, the beautiful hotels and wonderful restaurants, give skin care tips and  share my recipes.  I started this website as a channel to share with others the things I am passionate about and hope to inspire you to follow your passions.


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