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Skin Deep: Daily Skincare Tips

Did you know that your beautiful skin is the largest organ of your body and perhaps it is the most wonderful too? Yes! Our skin covers our entire body and acts as a shield from the elements. Our wonderful skin bends with ease, warns you when something is too hot or too cold, repairs itself if broken, and plays a huge part in our appearance. Protecting our skin and taking a few minutes a day to revamp our daily skin care routine can prevent lasting skin damage and take off year’s worth of wrinkles and age spots.


Wear sunscreen daily. There are plenty of sunscreens available but the right kind of sunscreen can effectively protect your skin from the damaging UV rays. Choose a sunscreen that has an SPF of 30 or higher and contains titanium dioxide, zinc, mexoryl SX, avobenzone. These ingredients provide excellent sun pr

otection and are not absorbed into the skin.

Don’t forget your neck, chest, and hands! Ch

ances are you are applying sunscreen to your face on a daily basis but neglecting your neck, chest, and hands. The neck, chest, and hands are also exposed to the sun and at risk of premature aging and skin cancer. Even if your face looks youthful, your neck, chest, and hands could be an age giveaway.

Over exfolitation. Getting rid of dry, dead skin cells can leave your skin looking smoother and supple. Over exfoliation can do to your skin more harm than good. Different skin types and textures will have different needs for exfoliation. Start by testing any new product on a small area of your face and watch to see how your skin reacts. The right exfoliation for your skin type should leave your skin looking and feeling smoother and refreshed. You can start exfoliating once a week and can go up to three times per week depending on your skin type.

Know when to stop. Over manipulating the skin is a big NO! Regular, excessive exfoliation using chemicals or mechanical methods can lead to damage on

your skin. If your method is to exfoliate to the point that your skin turns red and flaky, STOP! Be gentle to your skin and treat it with care.

Moisturize daily.

Your skin needs moisture daily and the right moisturizer for your body and face. Avoid body lotions with heave fragrances as they tend to irritate the skin and apply it right after your shower, when your skin is still damp.

Choose a good facial cream to use in the evening as your skin regenerates while you sleep. Evening moisturizers are loaded with active ingredients that penetrate the skin overnight. Use a gentle wash to wash away the daily grime and apply your night cream generously to face and neck right before bed time for best results.


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