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Traveling Without Leaving Home

Since we are not able to leave our homes these days, here are some tips on how you can transport yourself to beautiful places without leaving the comfort of your home.

The reasons why people love to travel are varied and personal. For me, I truly enjoy experiencing new places and cultures while at the same time I am building a stronger relationship with my hubby. Going away and experiencing a new place together deepens our bond and keeps our romantic spark going even after we get back from our trips.

Since we are not able to travel during this pandemic, there are some ways that I have found to keep our minds away from this stressful situation without living our home. Here are a few ideas for you to keep traveling while social distancing.


Travel guides are wonderful as they give you much information on different places around the world. Some guides are very descriptive and can really make you feel like you are visiting those places along with the author. You can watch some travel guides videos and make it a more visual experience.


Every country in the world has their own regional music and listening to it can give your imagination a spin around the world. Do a little research online and find tunes that can take you away to a place that you visited or even a place that you would like to visit and let your mind take you there.


Cooking is another way that you can travel while staying at home. Do a little research and find homemade recipes that can help you get inspired. Different cultures offer the use of many spices, herbs and cooking styles for you to explore and taste. Cooking methods range from a simple steam to an all day preparation that can keep you in the kitchen as long as you would like to be.


Movies are an excellent way for you to transport yourself around the world. I love watching movies with subtitles! There is something about hearing the native language while you watch the different locations and get to know the characters. Movies based on historical events are a great way to entertain you while educating your wondering mind.


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